Finessa’s death

One day finessa was walking down the street and she walked right through her own dogs poop. But when I looked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes! A bunch of shopping carts hit finessa and pushed her into a bus then died. Everyone was cheering because no one liked her at all. After that I realized that her friends were cheering to and even holder her dog with toilet paper all around. Her friends were olivia and adrienne. So they had a funeral at 9:00pm, In the middle of the funeral Adrienne and olivia, took finessa’s dog. They rapped him in toilet paper, and had a party with the dead girls dog to celebrate there Best friends death.


The boat

I was walking out of the blue and a red ladder fell on me. It heard like coins hitting the pavement as hard as they could.There was a boat sinking with people on it, I wanted to help but I couldn’t. I was stuck. Before they sink I noticed they were just fake. But I was looking at the wrong boat, they were still going to sink, So I pushed off the ladder and helped them get out safely. Wright before the boat sink everyone was off. Then I saw a little dog on it so went on it to get and I through the dog to the owners, and then I didn’t make it.

Groovy bob the vinegar

Once upon a time there was stupid vinegar that spilt everywhere.  The vinegar was too sharp and tasty and also stupid. His name groovy bob. He was very guilty ,so he died then came back alive. Then he died again alive. And over and over again. Then it stopped and he died for the last time. They had a funeral, but nobody came. But no one cared for him, so it was all good. He had a sad life. His friends groovy jeff and groovy joe came, they were best friends.And so, they honored him and spent the rest of their lives dead.

One morning I woke up, and my parents came to my room with a present.It was tickets to a musical performance. I got out of bed and we left. When we got there, we took a seat. There was not much people, and so the play started. It was completely out of toon.I  did not want to hurt my parents feelings so I did not say anything about it. Once it was over my dad told me it was a prank. After he was talking with my mom.They decided to go to the movies, we had so much fun. It was an awesome day, except for the music.

Bob, Jeff, and Sally

There was a girl, sally, that had an imaginary friend named bob that was her best friend. Bob was an eagle. Every day during lunch he would come from the sky, they did everything together. Until one day she came outside and no one was there, no bob. So she wondered, what could it be, why would he not come back, was her fault or just bob. She went back inside and thought about it all night, She couldn’t stop.That was all that was in her mind. So she went back the next day.There was no one there.Everyday she checked.He never came.One day she finally noticed that he was dead. She cried for the rest of the day. She woke up the next day and sat at where they talked and just sat. And then she couldn’t take it so she went to the house and saw something, it was another bob.But now it was jeff. And so they played together forever and ever, until he died. Then he will find groovy joe.

Gummy Bears

One day there was this guy that made a bunch of statues. So he thought about what he would do about them. Finally he said why don’t I make them into gummy bears. So he did. But first, how? He went to his idea room, which was the bathroom, and started to think. Then it hit him, he could make a machine that changes form. So that’s what he did. And it worked, so he went to sleep and then the next morning the gummy bears were alive. They were running towards him and then splat he was tackled everyone of them. So he died.  

The toilet

One day I was walking in a toilet with my friend Olivia, and then she just vanished. But how could she just disappear.In then I found a piece of gum on the bottom.There were plenty so I followed them and then I saw her eating the gum.She saw me and then she fell on to the bottom of the toilet.So she got back up and fell, again and again and again.It was weird so I left her. Then had awesome life without her.


Me and someone walked into a room, it was very dark and darker. So I opened the shades, and the light blinded him. So we had to kill him, it was the only way. Or else He would live a terrible life. That’s why I’m here, because I’m awesome.But it Turned out that he had already been dead. So no need.The light was coming from every every window.It was a horrible experience.That was the last time we would ever go there again.

The pink frog

One day I went to a bicycle shop seeing if I left my pet frog there, so I looked on the ground, not there, I looked on the table, not there either, last I looked was in a boot, it was empty.I looked everywhere.Then out of nowhere the frog came out pink bubbles fired everywhere, it was crazy.I have never seen anything like it.My frog was covered with pink bubbles and things from all around the store.So I took the frog home and cleaned him up.It was all gooddd.


I woke up running to my brothers room, to come and open presents for xmas.But they were exhausted.So I went to the kitchen to grab a cup and pour water in it.I walked upstairs and poured it on every one of them.And ,so they ran out of bed to get changed,then rushed downstairs.So we called our parents to come down so we can open presents.So we digged in.Once we finished.My parents said,”now clean up”.And I’m like “what.How could this happen oh no!!!Were all going to die.